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Security Information & Event Management

Empowering your organization with real-time security visibility. SIEM tools monitor and analyze security events for threats and anomalies.
Security Information & Event Management

The ways in which it stands out from others

An advanced agent that detects malicious behavior

Stay ahead of threats by regularly updating security rules to reflect emerging vulnerabilities.

Customizable security alerts to detect malicious activity.

The service can be delivered as a managed service, which allows an organization to outsource the management and maintenance of the SIEM, giving the organization the flexibility to focus on its core business.

Real-time Monitoring
Data Collection

The service gathers and normalizes log data from various sources, such as servers, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and endpoints, across an organization's entire IT infrastructure.

Real-time Analysis

The service analyzes the collected data in real-time, using correlation rules and machine learning algorithms, to identify security threats and anomalies.

Reporting & Alert Management
Alerting and incident response

The service generates alerts for potential security incidents, and it provides a incident response console, that allows security teams to quickly investigate and respond to incidents.

Reporting and forensic analysis

The service provides detailed reporting on security incidents, which can be used for compliance and forensic purposes, It also includes forensic analysis features that allow security teams to perform in-depth analysis of past security incidents.

Integration & Automation
Integration with third-party tools

The service can integrate with other security tools, such as antivirus, endpoint protection, and threat intelligence, to provide a holistic view of an organization's security posture.

Automation of incident response actions

Service allows to automate incident response actions based on the organization's incident response plan.

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