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Perisai Bima

Protect Your Digital World with Bima: Comprehensive Cybersecurity-as-a-Service Platform Available 24/7

The ultimate cybersecurity solution for your business.

Don't wait - start securing your business with BIMA today!

In today's digital world, security threats are everywhere.. But with BIMA, you can rest easy knowing that your business is protected from even the most advanced attacks. BIMA offers a wide range of cybersecurity tools and monitoring, all tailored to fit the unique needs of your business.

Our powerful proprietary and open-source tools provide unparalleled security, while our subscription-based scanners give you access to the latest threat intelligence. And with our pay-as-you-go service, you only pay for what you need - no upfront costs, no hidden fees.

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, BIMA has you covered. Our easy-to-use platform makes it simple to monitor and protect your business from start to finish. With BIMA, you can finally take control of your cybersecurity and protect your business from any potential threat.


Features Overview

Security Information & Event Management

SIEM tools monitor and analyze security events for threats and anomalies.

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Vulnerability Intelligence

Vulnerability Intelligence helps you stay informed about potential threats to your network, allowing you to proactively address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

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Static Application Security Analysis

Static application security analysis checks your code for vulnerabilities before it's deployed.

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Attack Surface Management

Attack Surface Management helps you identify and reduce vulnerabilities in your digital assets, protecting your business from cyber attacks.

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You can also use our services

Services We Offer

SOC 24/7

Our SOC (Security Operations Center) operates 24/7 to protect your business from cyber threats

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Blue Team Service

Blue Team Service helps businesses identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats in real-time. Protect your company with our expert team.

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Find vulnerabilities and weak points within your digital platform & infrastructures.

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For organizations that are resolving critical vulnerabilities before they become public

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BIMA simplifies your security management while removes the needs to employ (expensive) staff.

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Level up your skills with hands-on learning material that we have formulated with experts.

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